Lionel Messi always wants to return to Camp Nou according to manager Xavi

Lionel Messi and Xavi may be regularly conversing, which comes as rumours about the player’s prospective return to Barcelona pick up steam.

It seems that Messi expresses his desire to go back to Camp Nou frequently to Xavi. The two discuss the team, the competition, the ambiance, and the locker room. Messi promotes the idea of joining the team again on his own.

This gives Barcelona the perfect boost in their efforts to re-sign the Argentine international, whose chances of staying at PSG have recently dwindled. He was supposed to sign a new contract, but he now reportedly wants to play for his old squad again. PSG is actively attempting to entice Messi with a more lucrative contract. Barcelona, though, has the emotional advantage because Messi’s name is frequently connected to the organisation.

In reality, Catalunya Radio affirms Leo Messi’s frequent use of the pronoun “we” when speaking of Barcelona. Therefore, he frequently uses the phrases “we have won” or “we played well” while discussing a game’s outcome with Xavi. This is the perfect catalyst for Barça to work even harder and iron out the technical issues so they can re-sign Messi before the upcoming season.

The club is presently seeking approval from La Liga officials for their economic viability plan in order to present a contract offer for the Argentine. Messi does harbour some animosity about the manner in which he was let to depart the club in 2021, therefore it is imperative that the Blaugrana can provide him with lucrative conditions.

Once La Liga approves the club’s fiscal sustainability plan, Joan Laporta will see the player in person in an effort to ease any tension that may have arisen.

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