Lionel Messi - I Want To End All This

Lionel Messi wants to put an end to all speculation regarding his future at Barcelona.

The Argentine raised headlines when he famously demanded for a transfer this summer following a disappointing campaign.

Messi’s demands were rejected and the 33-year-old decided to stay for one more season. He has been pretty vocal about his feelings towards the club, taking another dig while wishing farewell to Luis Suarez.

However, Messi wants to kill all the chatter surrounding him and wants to focus on winning this season. In an interview with Sport, he said, “After so many disagreements, I would like to put an end to this. All Barcelonistas have to come together and assume that the best is ahead of us.

“Showing passion and excitement will be the only way of achieving our objectives, always united and pulling in the same direction.

“I accept responsibility for my mistakes. If they existed, it was only to make a better and stronger Barcelona. I wanted to send a message to all the members and Cules that follow us.

“If any of them were offended by something I said or did at any moment, let them be in no doubt that I did it while always thinking about the best thing for the club.”

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