Lionel Messi Shuts Down Eric Abidal's Criticism Of Barcelona Players

Lionel Messi hit out at Barcelona sporting director, Eric Abidal for criticising the players.

Abidal did not speak too highly of former manager, Ernesto Valverde either.

The Frenchman said in an interview earlier this week, “Many players weren’t satisfied or working a lot and there was also an internal communication problem. The relationship between the coach and the dressing room has always been good but there are things as an ex-player that I could smell. I told the club what I thought and we reached a decision.”

Lionel Messi, quite possibly for the first time in his career, called out Barcelona publicly. He wrote on his Instagram profile, “I honestly don’t like to do these things, but I think everyone has to be responsible for their tasks and take care of their decisions.

“The players [are responsible for] what happens on the pitch and we are also the first to recognise when we are not playing well. Those responsible for the area of ​​sports management must also assume their responsibilities and especially for the decisions they make.

“Finally, I think that when talking about players we should give names, because if not we are all getting dirtied and feeding things that are said but aren’t true.”

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