Lionel Messi wants to leave Barcelona

A man who is perhaps not just a club legend but a footballing god – Lionel Messi.

The Barcelona and Argentina captain has been awarded the Ballon d’Or a record six times but things look far from good at his club. Barcelona despite having Messi in their ranks have not won much, in fact nothing at all this season and it just shows how far down the club has degraded. 

After this horrendous season, Barcelona are ready to do anything to retain their best player at the least but it does not seem a certainty anymore. The humilation in Europe for three years in a row added with their domestic carelessness this season, has perhaps pushed Messi to a point of no return.

There is no question of his love for Barcelona, but a player of his calibre cannot do so much criminal injustice to his football art and that is why perhaps Lionel Messi, according to reports has made up his mind to leave the club. 

He reportedly cut short his holiday on Tuesday night to meet the new coach Ronald Koeman and inform him that he is more out than in. 

Tough times ahead for the club. 

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