Longest-Serving Barcelona Managers of all time

Longest-Serving Barcelona Manager!

Who are the Longest-Serving Barcelona Manager listmakers? Do you have any idea who they could be?

We will talk about the Longest-Serving Barcelona Manager toppers over here! Some names are a blast from the past while others are relatively new. Let us sit and discuss about the Longest-Serving Barcelona Manager!

Here we look at the Longest-Serving Barcelona Manager of all-time. We will look throughout history of FC Barcelona past managers to find out who were the best.

When you think of Longest-Serving Barcelona Manager, Pep Guardiola probably comes to mind (depending on your age). But you’ll be surprised to find out that others like Valverde doesn’t even reach the Top 5 Longest-Serving Barcelona Manager.

First, dont you want to know who all the Barca bosses have been? Check out the following list!

Name From To Honours number of honours
Uruguay Enrique Fernández July 1947 May 1950 2 La Liga, 1 Copa Eva Duarte, 1 Latin Cup 4
Switzerland Joan Gamper 1902 1917 3 Copa del Rey, 1 Copa Macaya, 1 Copa Barcelona, 7 Campionat de Catalunya 12
Spain Tito Vilanova June 2012 July 2013 1 La Liga 1
Spain Ernesto Valverde May 2017 2 La Liga, 1 Copa del Rey, 1 Supercopa de España 4
Spain Josep Seguer Oct 1969 Dec 1969
Spain Vicente Sasot Oct 1964 June 1965
Spain Josep Samitier June 1944 July 1947 1 La Liga, 1 Copa Eva Duarte 2
Spain Laureano Ruiz Apr 1976 May 1976
Spain José Luis Romero Mar 1983 Mar 1983
Spain César Rodríguez July 1963 Oct 1964
Spain Joaquim Rifé Apr 1979 Mar 1980 1 Cup Winners’ Cup 1
Spain Carles Rexach May 1988 May 1988
Spain Carles Rexach May 1996 May 1996
Spain Carles Rexach Apr 2001 May 2002
Spain Enric Rabassa May 1960 June 1960
Spain Josep Planas Mar 1940 July 1941
Spain Enrique Orizaola Jan 1961 June 1961
Spain Joan Josep Nogués Jan 1942 June 1944 1 Copa del Rey 1
Spain Luis Miró June 1961 Nov 1961
Spain Ramón Llorens May 1950 June 1950
Spain Llorenç Serra Ferrer May 2000 Apr 2001
Spain Ramón Guzmán July 1941 Jan 1942
Spain Pep Guardiola June 2008 June 2012 3 La Liga, 2 Copa del Rey, 3 Supercopa de España, 2 UEFA Champions League, 2 UEFA Super Cup, 2 FIFA Club World Cup 14
Spain Josep Gonzalvo Jan 1963 July 1963 1 Copa del Rey 1
Spain Luis Enrique May 2014 May 2017 2 La Liga, 3 Copa del Rey, 1 Supercopa de España, 1 UEFA Champions League, 1 UEFA Super Cup, 1 FIFA Club World Cup 9
Spain Domingo Balmanya June 1956 Apr 1958 1 Copa del Rey, 1 Fairs Cup 2
Spain Salvador Artigas June 1967 Oct 1969 1 Copa del Rey 1
Spain Luis Aragonés Sep 1987 May 1988 1 Copa del Rey 1
Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Ljubiša Broćić June 1960 Jan 1961
Longest-Serving Barcelona Manager : Biggest tenures of Barca bosses Jesza Poszony 1924 Dec 1924 1 Copa del Rey, 1 Campionat de Catalunya 2
Longest-Serving Barcelona Manager : Biggest tenures of Barca bosses Franz Platko July 1934 July 1935 1 Campionat de Catalunya 1
Netherlands Louis van Gaal June 1997 May 2000 2 La Liga, 1 Copa del Rey, 1 UEFA Super Cup 4
Netherlands Louis van Gaal May 2002 Jan 2003
Netherlands Frank Rijkaard June 2003 June 2008 2 La Liga, 2 Supercopa de España, 1 UEFA Champions League 5
Netherlands Rinus Michels July 1971 May 1975 1 La Liga 1
Netherlands Rinus Michels May 1976 May 1978 1 Copa del Rey 1
Netherlands Johan Cruyff May 1988 May 1996 4 La Liga, 3 Supercopa de España, 1 European Cup, 1 UEFA Super Cup, 1 Copa del Rey, 1 Cup Winners’ Cup 11
Italy Sandro Puppo July 1954 June 1955
Ireland Patrick O’Connell July 1935 Mar 1940 2 Campionat de Catalunya 2
Hungary Franz Platko June 1955 June 1956
Hungary Ladislao Kubala Nov 1961 Jan 1963
Hungary Ladislao Kubala May 1980 Nov 1980
Germany Udo Lattek June 1981 Mar 1983 1 Cup Winners’ Cup 1
Germany Hennes Weisweiler May 1975 Apr 1976
France Lucien Muller May 1978 Apr 1979
Longest-Serving Barcelona Manager : Biggest tenures of Barca bosses Romà Forns Dec 1926 Mar 1929 1 La Liga, 1 Campionat de Catalunya, 1 Copa del Rey 3
 Radomir Antić Jan 2003 June 2003
England Terry Venables June 1984 Sep 1987 1 La Liga, 1 Copa de la Liga 2
England Alf Spouncer[8] 1923 1924 1 Campionat de Catalunya 1
England Bobby Robson May 1996 June 1997 1 Copa del Rey, 1 Supercopa de España, 1 Cup Winners’ Cup 3
England Ralph Kirby Dec 1924 Feb 1926 1 Copa del Rey, 1 Campionat de Catalunya 2
England Jack Greenwell 1917 1923 2 Copa del Rey, 4 Campionat de Catalunya 6
England Jack Greenwell July 1931 July 1933 1 Campionat de Catalunya 1
England Vic Buckingham Dec 1969 July 1971 1 Copa del Rey 1
England James Bellamy Mar 1929 July 1931 2 Campionat de Catalunya 2
England John Barrow 1917 1917
Czechoslovakia Ferdinand Daučík June 1950 July 1954 2 La Liga, 3 Copa del Rey, 2 Copa Eva Duarte, 1 Latin Cup 8
Austria Jack Dumby Feb 1926 Dec 1926 1 Campionat de Catalunya 1
Austria Jack Dumby July 1933 July 1934
Argentina Roque Olsen June 1965 June 1967 1 Fairs Cup 1
Argentina César Luis Menotti Mar 1983 June 1984 1 Copa del Rey, 1 Copa de la Liga, 1 Supercopa de España 3
Argentina Gerardo Martino July 2013 May 2014 1 Supercopa de España 1
Argentina Helenio Herrera Apr 1958 May 1960 2 La Liga, 1 Copa del Rey, 1 Fairs Cup 4
Argentina Helenio Herrera Mar 1980 May 1980
Argentina Helenio Herrera Nov 1980 Jun 1981 1 Copa del Rey 1

Now that we know who have managed Barcelona in their rich century old history, let us check out the legendary bosses who have been there for the longest time!

Longest-Serving Barcelona Manager

1. Pep Guardiola

He served for 4 years at Barcelona – from June 2008 to June 2012. He is perhaps the greatest manager Barcelona will ever have after Johann Cryuff. And in terms of silverware he is indeed the best Barca boss. Pep Guardiola came to the Barca coaching system as nothing more than a formal captain of the club with little managerial experience.

Longest-Serving Barcelona Managers

However, Barcelona trusted him and the result was their for everyone to see. He ruled Spain and Europe for four years, winning two CLs, three league titles and multiple other trophies. His Barca team is considered to be one of the best teams ever. He then went off to Bayern Munich and Manchester City after that. Everywhere he has gone, he has done well.

2. Louis Van Gaal

He was Barca boss from May 1997 to May 2000. Van Gaal moved to Barcelona in 1997, taking over from Bobby Robson, and helped the group win two La Liga titles (1997–98, 1998–99) and the Copa del Rey once.[13] Despite this achievement, he conflicted with the media and went under analysis. He communicated that it was hard to actualize his football reasoning at Barcelona because of social contrasts.

3. Rinus Michels

From 1971 to 1978, with a brief 1 year break in between, Rinus Michels served his tenure at Barcelona. Michels turned out to be generally outstanding for his instructing accomplishments; he won the European Cup with Ajax and the Spanish class with Barcelona, and had four residencies as mentor of the Netherlands national group, who he prompted arrive at the last of the 1974 FIFA World Cup and to win the 1988 UEFA European Championship.

4. Patrick O’ Connell

A man from the history books, he was in charge of the club prior to the second world war. He played for United and Ireland as a defender and later managed Barca and led them to great financial and silverware success. His era reigned from 1935-1940.

5. Johan Cryuff

The man who invented the Cryuff turn was one of the most iconic and longest serving managers at Barcelona. He introduced the initial tiki-taka system of football at the club which changed how people looked at football. He will always be an inspiration to every player and manager who will ever grace the game.

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