Luis Suarez Insists Lionel Messi's Retirement Quotes Were Misunderstood

Luis Suarez insists Lionel Messi’s retirement talks were misunderstood.

The Argentine forward said “the moment of withdrawal is approaching” which led the media and fans to go into a frenzy.

However, Suarez calmed all fears by saying Messi is there to play for years to come. He told beIN SPORTS, “[Messi] amazes me because he is a one-off and is making history.

“As a friend and team-mate, [the Ballon d’Or] makes me happy and proud because it’s a beautiful moment for him. [His comments] were misinterpreted. When someone wins a Ballon d’Or they are happy but also nervous.

“Leo is a human being and gets nervous like the rest of us. He wanted to say he might have to contend with retiring in a couple of years. It was misunderstood, but I’m sure Leo Messi will continue for a long while yet.”

Suarez himself has been linked with a move away from Barcelona after playing the past 5 seasons with them. He further added, “If they bring in a new team-mate for me to compete with, that’s the same pressure as having to play every three days.

“And I have to be thinking about the future of the club – as a fan of the club, I have to think about the future, and maybe the best thing is if they sign a young or an established player to carry the torch as Barcelona’s number nine.”

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