Messi Calls For End To Barcelona Dispute

Lionel Messi has called for an end to the dispute going on at Barcelona.

Barcelona has been riddled with trouble since a while now, especially when Lionel Messi was set to leave for Man City just a while back.

However, now the Barca captain wants to make peace with the whole situation.

“After so many disagreements, I would like to put an end to it all,” he told the daily Sport. “We must unite as Barcelona fans and believe that the best is yet to come.”

“I’ll take responsibility for my mistakes,” he said. “If they happened, it was with the intention of making Barcelona better and stronger.”

Barca President Ronald Koeman was delighted by the stance Messi took for the club.

“It’s positive when the captain of the team calls for unity,” Koeman said. “It’s very positive. Hopefully things will be calmer now than they were recently.”

“We have to find the best team for him, the best position for him, so he can shine and perform at his best,” Koeman said. “You can tell that he lives for football and is always trying to win, even in the practice sessions. The best way to make Leo happy is to win matches.”

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