Messi drama spotted by Bayern

Lionel Messi wants to leave Barcelona.

The Argentine superstar has made it clear that he wants to be gone after a terrible few years at the club. He has sent the club an official transfer request that he will no longer be playing for them. 

The incident generated a few days after the club was kicked out of the Champions League after being thrashed 8-2 by Bayern Munich. However, Jerome Boateng, the Bayern central defender has said that the drama had already issued before kick-off. 

“You noticed in advance that there was drama between Messi and Barcelona,” the German went on to say during an interview with Bild.

Boateng sympathized with Messi’s situation and hoped for the best for the player. 

“Messi is still the best player in the world for me, despite the defeat. You cannot defeat him by yourself, so we stopped him as a team. It would be wrong to undermine Messi and Barcelona just because everything went our way.”

He also backed the player to become a Manchester City player should he leave Barcelona. He had immense praise for Pep as well and believes together Messi and Guardiola can rule world football.

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