Messi gives the stamp of approval over Martinez

Barcelona’s transfer chase for Lautaro Martinez has been given a stamp of approval by their club legend Lionel Messi.

When asked about a possible transfer, Messi said he had no knowledge. However, it did not stop him from praising the Inter Milan striker. 

“If I’m honest I don’t know very well if there were or are negotiations right now, I have no idea. 

“I think I already mentioned it, that Lautaro is an impressive striker, especially because I think he is a very complete forward. 

“He is strong, he dribbles well, he scores goals, he knows how to protect the ball …But well, we will have to see what happens finally with him and with other players.”

Messi appeared equally cryptic when asked about the possible signing of Neymar. 

“There are a few people at the club who are in charge of the theme of signings and they are the ones who select who they think is best for the team.

“It’s obvious that the situation we are in will make the market a bit strange and you have to be sure to improve on what we have.”

Who do you think should Barcelona try to sign between the two players?

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