Messi Goes Into Luxurious Self-Isolation To Get Away From Coronavirus

In the midst of the coronavirus scare, Lionel Messi has decided to isolate himself in his home.

However, the Barcelona star doesn’t seem to mind this at all. Rather, being locked up in his lavish house, which has a football pitch, an indoor gym a swimming pool ready for his fitness, is perfect for getting some time off with his family and himself. He sees this as a great opportunity to practice his football skills at home.

The entire Barca squad has been pushed into self-isolation as the coronavirus outbreak threatens to infiltrate the Catalan club.

As a precautionary measure against the Covid-19 virus, La Liga and Spanish League have been pushed by two weeks at least. If need be, it can be extended further.

Barcelona is currently leading the La Liga table, however, only by two points ahead of their rivals, Real Madrid. Messi know very well that when La Liga goes back to being played again, he must be in great shape to take on their rivals.

Moreover, the area above his house has come under a no fly zone due to environmental constraints.

Javier Sanchez-Prieto (Spanish airline company Vueling’s President) – blasted out at the Barcelona star, as he said: “You cannot pass over where Messi lives.

“This doesn’t happen anywhere else in the world.”

A well-deserved break for him!

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