Messi is Barcelona's most important player: Koeman

Lionel Messi is having a relatively off season by his own lofty standards.

The legend has scored 6 goals, 5 of which have been penalties. However, his importance to the team has been reiterated by Barcelona boss Ronald Koeman.

“They had already told me that Messi was unhappy,” Koeman revealed. “We spoke at his house. He gave me his reasons and I explained to him what I could change. I was honest – I told him the only thing I could change was the football.

“I could do my job, implement my system, convey the position I conceived he would play on the pitch and his importance as a player. I told him that the problems he had with the club I couldn’t change. In the end, staying was his decision.

“The feeling I got from him was good, and that’s important. Messi has shown me that he’s an ambitious person who wants to win things. He wants to continue being the best, even if he has problems with the club.

“I want the best for the team, and the best thing for the team is that Leo is well, as he is now, plugged in and engaged. He showed it the other day, against Real Betis, when he entered in the second half. To this day, Barça has been, is and will always be a better team with Lionel Messi than without him.”

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