Messi opens up on latest developments at Barcelona

Leo Messi has talked about the current situation at Barcelona.

Messi was on the brink of leaving the club in the summer but ended up staying at Barcelona. The player has now talked about the current situation at the club.

“It was a manner of making a point and expressing my feelings,” Messi told the Daily Mail.

“It was me telling the club that I wanted to leave I felt I’d completed a cycle and it was time to leave the club that had given me so much.

“I wanted to win titles and battle for the Champions League and felt it was time for change. The president then started to filter this and that to paint a negative picture of me.”

“It was far from easy for me to say I wanted to leave the club and the city. The family wanted to stay here, this is their home but I genuinely felt it was time to go.”

“Nothing will be crystal clear before the end of the year. I’ll wait until the season is over,” he said, per Sky Sports.

“What matters now is thinking about the team, finishing the year well and not being distracted by other things.

“I don’t know what will happen. I’m focused on what we have here and battling for whatever we can.

“I’m not thinking about how the year will end. As of today, it wouldn’t be wise for me to say what I’m going to do because I don’t know.”

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