Messi reveals recipe to success against Real Madrid

Lionel Messi is the one name Real Madrid fans have nightmares of before every El Classico for the last decade.

Ever since the arrival of the little Argentine as a teenager, and scoring a brilliant hattrick against the Los Blancos outfit, Madrid have realised Messi is the man to mark.

He has a tremendous goal scoring record against them and more often than not seals a win for his team everytime they visit the Bernabeu. 

In his latest interview, one day before the El Classico, Messi has revealed what he thinks can be the reason behind his success. 

“When we play at the Bernabeu, many more spaces are generated. They attack us more because they have the obligation as the host team and people push them for that,” he said.

“At the Camp Nou they play another type of match, sitting a little further back, they are closer together and hit on the counter-attack because they have very fast players upfront.

“At the Bernabeu we play 90 minutes equally. Here the game becomes more locked and is more complicated.”

With Barcelona taking on Madrid tomorrow night, will these comments from Messi leave them agitated or inspired?

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