Messi to leave for Inter Milan?

Italian giants Inter Milan are planning to sign Lionel Messi!

The Barcelona captain has been unhappy at the club and there have been rumors that he might join Inter in Italy. 

The rumors have been going on for quite some time and they can gain more fire now given that more people are adding their voices to it. 

It will for sure be a strange move to see but we cannot see it not happening ever. 

Former Barcelona director Ariedo Braida has also added fire to the fuel by saying he can see a possibility where Messi will join Inter Milan.

He said, “Considering the way I know Messi, it’s unlikely he will leave Barcelona, as he’s like a King there, loved by the entire city,” Braida told Radio Kiss Kiss, as per Football Italia.

“I would not rule it out completely, because anything is possible in football. He’s a magical player because he can invent something out of nowhere at any moment. Someone like him is born once every 30 years.

“Messi is the kind of player like Diego Maradona who makes you fall in love with football. I did try to bring Maradona to Milan, and I think Diego would’ve found us to be the ideal team for him.”

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