Messi vs Maradona: Who Wins?

Two generations – two legends.

Both have different sets of achievements. So who would you choose between Messi and Maradona?

Both played for Argentina and Barcelona but while Maradona won the World Cup, Messi has had unprecedented success on a club level. While the debate has been on for years now. one of the world’s all-time best defenders has now weighed in on the conversation. 

Messi has won 6 Ballon d’Ors, multiple Champions Leagues, La Liga titles, and Copa Del Reys. Maradonas Barcelona career was never a success but he was imperial at Napoli. 

Here is what Cannavaro has made of the situation. 

“I respect Messi a lot,” Cannavaro told Sky Sports .

“For the new generation he is one of the best.

“But Maradona is different because the football was different. They kicked him a lot but he was always in control and he was tough.

“Messi is top but Maradona is another world. I never compare him with other players. I never saw Pele but I watched Maradona, for seven years I saw every game.

“He’s not one of the best, he’s the best.”

Cannavaro won the world cup back in 2006 with Italy and he was hard to get past for anyone. Maybe Maradona would have!

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