Mino's Raiola endless hate towards Barcelona

Mino Raiola, is one of football’s most infamous agents.

He however, has a particular hate towards Barcelona and Manchester United. Why?

Well probably because the club does not bend to his will like other people do. Here are some of his most irksom quotes when Barca refused to play to his rules.

He started off with Pep – “Pep Guardiola, the coach, is fantastic. As a person he’s an absolute zero. He’s a coward, a dog.” 

“I think Cruyff and Guardiola can go to a mental hospital together, shut up, sit there and play cards together. They would do football and Barcelona a great service.” Raiola and client Zlatan Ibrahimovic would endure a long running feud with Guardiola and Johan Cruyff, with the agent never afraid to engage in verbal warfare with the Catalan club legends.

“He’s a classic priest. ‘Do as I tell you – don’t do what I do….’ If Manchester City win the Champions League this season it will emphasise what a good coach he is – but I’ll hate it. I went for him that night in the corridors at Wembley [after Barcelona beat Manchester United in the Champions League final in 2011] – only Adriano Galliani, AC Milan’s chairman, stopped me. Lucky for Guardiola.” It’s safe to say Pep isn’t on Mino’s Christmas card list.

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