Who will replace Valverde

Next Barcelona manager odds!

Who all are in line to be Next Barcelona manager? Check out the Next Barcelona manager odds!

The Next Barcelona manager odds will have some surprises and some names you knew!

Next Barcelona manager odds

Next Barcelona manager odds? Pochettino to join Barcelona? Nou Camp legend Ronald Koeman might be considered as one of the favourites to take over at Barcelona from under fire manager Ernesto Valverde.

Barca have faced a huge setback in the domestic competitions this season as they have been bogged down by consecutive draws at the hands of Real Sociedad and Real Madrid. Arch rivals Real Madrid are also playing poor football.

On the European stage as well, the ineffectiveness of Valverde has been evident as Barca gave away crucial advantages in the last two seasons in the knockout stages when they surrendered 3 goal leads.

Next Barcelona manager odds

Ernesto Valverde has not been successful of late at Barcelona.  The only reason he is getting away with it is because Zinedine Zidane has been equally poor at Real Madrid. Both La Liga giants are failing to hit big and a perfect example of that was the performance of the two teams in El Classico last night.

So who do we think can replace Valverde at Barcelona. Well check out the following Barcelona next manager odds!

Next Barcelona manager odds

Next Barcelona manager odds : Choices

Marcelo Gallardo

Current Team: River Plate

Time with Team: Over 5 years

Odds: 9/4

On 6 June 2014, Gallardo was exhibited as the new supervisor of River Plate following the questionable acquiescence of Ramón Díaz on 27 May. Key players from the past competition, Carlos Carbonero, Manuel Lanzini, and Cristian Ledesma left the club, while players consigned by Ramón Díaz, for example, Carlos Sánchez and Rodrigo Mora returned.

Waterway Plate just purchased two players to supplant them. Gallardo’s style of play was generally praised by the Argentine press, with the group coordinating the club’s unequaled unbeaten record on 9 November with 32 undefeated games, losing to Estudiantes de La Plata three days after the fact.

Genius of manager

Out of the 32 games, 8 had a place with Ramón Díaz’s residency. Waterway Plate drove the Torneo de Transición for the better part, until Gallardo’s group arrived at the Copa Sudamericana’s semi-finals, where River would confront rivals Boca Juniors. Wanting to rest the players for the semi-finals, Gallardo played a substitute group against second-set Racing Club, at last losing the match from a possess objective by Ramiro Funes Mori. Dashing would proceed to win its first title since 2001 by two over River Plate.

Quick forward to an effective spell and in the wake of winning 2019 Recopa Sudamericana, Marcelo Gallardo turned into the best River Plate mentor in history with ten titles, outperforming Ramón Díaz’s nine authority titles.

He’s likewise the best mentor at the global stage in the club’s history, with an aggregate of seven worldwide titles won (2 Copa Libertadores 2015 and 2018, 1 Copa Sudamericana 2014, 3 Recopa Sudamericana 2015, 2016 and 2019 and 1 Suruga Bank Championship 2015).

The Situation Now

The way that in his residency he has accomplished more universal distinctions than the club had gotten in its entire history before him, adding to the progressive triumphs over most despised opponents Boca Juniors, has driven the press and fans the same to consider Gallardo as the best mentor in River Plate’s history.

Ronald Koeman

Current Team: The Netherlands

Time with team: Over 1 year

Odds: 5/1

The manager from Dutchland is a brilliant tactician who has been successfully managing multiple teams with a good style of play.

He was a former Barcelona player and defender and has produced quite a few eye catching moments in a Blaugrana jersey. It might be worth a shot or even more to bring back their captain.

Besides, they do have a brilliant track record of bringing in the best of Dutch managers at the club. Remember Cryuff?

Roberto Martinez

Current Team: Belgium

Time with team: Over 3 years

Odds: 5/1

Not the best of managers before and failed spectacularly with Everton. However, his spell with Belgium have changed it all again for him.

He has now become the best of bosses at Belgium where he has helped a young team with great potential realize their talent and deliver on the pitch with style. He has made Belgium into one of the best teams in Europe and the world. Their win over Brazil in the World Cup quarters was testament to that.

Pep Guardiola

Current Team: Manchester City

Time with team: Over 3 years

Odds: 15/2

Perhaps the best Barcelona boss ever? Pep Guardiola is the man who brought in an era of a new footballing style.

He transcended places and teams with his style of play. He has won many trophies and continues to do so.

Him coming back to Barcelona will help the team again as they need their old charm back!

Xavi Hernandez

Current Team: No Experience

Odds: 15/2

If they cannot get Pep, they can surely get his protege. Xavi was the heartbeat of that Pep team and embodies everything the manager thought of and put it on the pitch.

However, he has no experience and starting off on a team like Barcelona can be a big risk for the Catalans!

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