Neymar back to Barcelona - Is that a possibility?

There have been several rumours circulating lately about Neymar joining Barcelona once again after leaving Paris Saint-Germain. 

As of now, Neymar is committed to Paris Saint-German. However, he is considering his options of a move somewhere and has left his summer window open.

“Today, I’m a Parisian. I give 100%. I will give my life on the pitch so PSG wins,” the former Barcelona and Santos forward explained.

“I never wanted to hurt anyone, but in my opinion, if you are not happy somewhere, you have to leave,” the Brazilian was also quoted as saying.

Neymar also spoke about his ex-teammate, Lionel Messi and talked about him winning the Ballon d’Or. 

“Messi is an incredible player. He is the best I have ever seen play. It’s not strange that he has six Ballon d’Ors, because he’s been at the top for so many years. There should be a Ballon d’Or just for him,” the Brazilian said.

“I will always love Messi,” he concluded.

Clearly, he is full of admiration for Messi and that might be a factor in shifting back to Barcelona. Nothing can be decided for him now, not until his contract with Paris Saint-Germain.

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