Neymar frustrated to miss PSG-Barcelona tie

An injury has ruled Neymar out of the Champions League clash between PSG and Barcelona.

The Brazilian forward has fallen prey to yet another injury, something his career has rather been synonymous to. The player has now put out an Instagram post, emotionally expressing how it feels to be hated.

“The sadness is great, the pain is immense and the crying is constant,” Neymar posted.

“Once again, I will stop for a while doing what I love the most in life, which is playing football. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable because of my style of play, because I dribble and they constantly hit me.

“I don’t know if the problem is me or what I do on the field. It saddens me a lot. It saddens me a lot to hear from a player, coach, commentator or whoever the hell it is, that “you really have to hit him, “he falls”, “he cries”, “a child”, “spoiled” etc.

“It honestly saddens me and I don’t even know how much I can bear it. I just want to be happy playing football. NOTHING ELSE.”

Just a coincidental fact, Neymar has missed 6 of the last 7 seasons’ football games in this time period, which also happens to be his sister’s birthday.

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