Neymar - I Want To Play With Messi

Neymar has openly called out for a reunion with Lionel Messi.

Paris Saint-Germain beat Manchester United 3-1 on Wednesday and Neymar stated this right after.

“I want to play with Messi again,” he said. “It’s what I want the most. I want to enjoy being on the pitch with him again. For sure, next year we have to do it.”

Now, whether that means a reunion at Barcelona or at PSG, remains to be seen. Neymar is still contracted to PSG until June 2022 while Messi’s contract expires at Barca at the end of this season.

There has been a public feud between the club and player for both cases. Neymar tried to force a move out of PSG ahead of the 2019/20 season and so did Messi last summer. Both were denied, leaving their futures with the respective clubs in total uncertainty.

Neymar has never ruled out a return to Barcelona. After failing to win the Champions League in three seasons, he might look to find a way back into a more competitive environment. But signing him could once again raise a significant transfer fee and Barca are not in the best position to fork that out.

Messi joining PSG for free is a much more plausible idea. But reports indicate Manchester City are the favourites to sign him due to the presence of Pep Guardiola.

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