Neymar plays up Barca move by refusing PSG bonus

PSG star Neymar has reportedly turned down a $120 million bonus from the club.

The Brazilian star who is unhappy at PSG and wants to go back to Barcelona has now played up the transfer by making such a move. It has been quite public for some time now that Neymar has not been happy with his time at Paris. 

Neymar joined Barcelona back in the summer of 2013. He went on to achieve great success at the club. However, always being under the umbrella of the greatness of Messi did not sit well with him and an ambitious Ney left for Paris. 

However, the ambition was never fuelled by hard work. Instead what Neymar did was cry, throw a fit and complain about everyone but himself. Teammates, referees, managers, everybody seemed to be working against him as Neymar ended up playing just over 100 matches in 4 seasons compared to Messi’s 200+. 

He is now a lost player trying to regain his touch and has been genuinely interested in moving to Barcelona since last summer. 

The move was put into a tough place by PSG’s demands and Barcelona’s financial demands but it would now appear Neymar is ready to play hardball and has turned down bonuses to force through a move from the club!

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