Neymar transfer ruined everything - Vilajoana

Neymar left Barcelona back in 2017.

The transfer happened 3 years back but the club has not gotten over him yet.

The transfer definitely broke the world record back then and it is still yet to be surpassed. Barcelona presidential candidate Vilajoana has talked about how that one transfer ruined the club.

Vilajoana told AS: “The departure of Neymar affected the club in the sense that the regeneration that had been thought began with Neymar, who should’ve been Messi’s natural replacement.

“And then you leave in the middle of the project which generates a shock that, at that moment, confused. The fact of having a world star who could decide matches confused the thinking that a single player could win matches. We lost sight of the added value of the community. And that’s when sports policy began to go wrong.

“Trying to search for trading cards to find a substitute. And a team never find substitutes but other players who can contribute different things to a squad. And that was the mistake.”

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