OFFICIAL - Laporta becomes FC Barcelona president

Joan Laporta has been elected as the new president of FC Barcelona.

The former Barca head who oversaw a period of great success for the club has done well again to be elected the president. He vowed to keep Messi at the club.

“Lionel Messi loves Barça,” Laporta said in his first remarks to supporters, leaving little doubt that he considers cementing Messi’s future at the club his top priority. “We are a big family, a big club with the best player.”

“We want the joy and happiness to be back in this club,” Laporta said, adding in a direct appeal to members, “The best thing you can do for Barça is to love it.”

The losers were gracious about Laporta’s win as well.

“I want to congratulate Laporta for this victory, which does not allow for any discussion,” Freixa said. “We must now support our president.”

There will also be critics – Christian Seifert, the chief executive of Germany’s Bundesliga, took aim at Barcelona and its rival Real Madrid for their spending habits. “These so-called superclubs are in fact poorly managed, cash-burning machines that were not able, in a decade of incredible growth, to come close to a somehow sustainable business model,” Seifert said.

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