OFFICIAL: Lionel Messi issues demand Barcelona exit

The unthinkable has happened. 

Barcelona were gifted with the miracle of Messi after a young prodigy broke through the La Masia ranks to become the best player in the world. Messi never knew or needed another club. The love between the city and the footballer was unique and beautiful. 

They created endless memories with Messi forever becoming a legend not just of the club or the game but also of human epitome. 

However, as the years progressed, the club became more and more dependant on the player. It was understandable but until it reached the point that the board was reliant on Messi bailing them out of the unfavorable situations created by the club themselves. 

The man to lead that corrupted mission was their president Josep Maria Bartomeu and it seems he has now pushed Messi to the exit point. 

After suffering Champions League humiliation for three years in a row, Messi has understood the leach in the club in the form of Bartomeu is just going to keep mooching off his hard work to keep his job while putting on the blame on the footballers. 

He has now handed in an official and legal transfer request via burofax telling the club he wants out. The club are yet to make an official statement but outside the club there are calls already for the head of Bartomeu.

Stay tuned in for more updates. 

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