Pep hits back at Barcelona boss Bartomeu

Joseph Maria Bartemou has made a few extremely controversial comments which can be seen as thinly veiled dig at his former employee Pep Guardiola’s current side Manchester City.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu commented: “I would like to thank UEFA regarding FFP, they’ve been doing fantastic work in the last couple of years.

“We have regular investigations and we have supported UEFA in everything it does in football.”

Guardiola appeared less than impressed with the comments.

“If they are happy we are suspended, I say to the president of Barcelona, let us appeal.

“The people [at City] right now trust what they have done so that is what we are going to do. We’re going to appeal and maybe it happens, but don’t talk too loud, Barcelona.

“That is my advice because everybody is involved sometimes in situations. We are going to appeal and hopefully in the future we can play in the Champions League against Barcelona.”

“Why should I leave? I said a month ago, I love this club, I like to be here. Why should I leave?,” Guardiola said.

“We spoke with the players, in the next three months we will focus on what we have to do and after we will see the sentence. Personally, I will be here.

“I want to stay to continue to help the club and maintain this level as long as possible,” the Spaniard added.

“It is so sensitive with the legal [aspect] that I am not the person to talk about that,” Guardiola said, when asked about the case.

“I know a little bit the reasons why and I support the club 100 percent. I trust what they told me and that is what I can say.

“When someone believes he is right, he is going to fight to the end and that is what we are going to do. It is an incredible thing to fight for our people who support this club and we are going to do it. As a club, a team, we are going to do it.”

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