Pique: We have hit rock bottom

Barcelona were thrashed 8-2 by Bayern Munich last night.

It was the club’s worst defeat in the last 75 years. It was their worst defeat ever in Europe. It was the worst defeat in a single leg of the Champions League. 

For a club, which had the best team playing football ever less than a decade back, the fall from grace has been less than elegant. It was distasteful how easily the German giants carved open Barcelona last night. 

Their defender and leader at the back Gerard Pique has held his hand up and made a few hard hitting statements. 

‘It was a horrible game, the feeling is terrible…embarrassing is the word. I think now we have hit rock bottom,” he said.

The Barça number 3 added: “We can’t compete like that, you can’t play like that in Europe. It is not the first time, the second time or the third time, it’s very tough. I hope it is useful for something.”

Now everyone has to have a good look at themselves, the Club needs change and I am not talking about the coach or the players, I am not pointing the finger at anyone. Nobody is safe, I am the first to say that I will go if new blood has to come in, I am the first to leave. We have to have real look internally about what is best for the club.” 

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