PSG Willing To Give Away Either Neymar Or Mbappe Amid Barcelona Links

Paris Saint-Germain have decided who they want to keep and who they want to give away.

Neymar and Mbappe together make an unstoppable pair, but the both stars plan to leave the Ligue 1 club soon. Neymar is being tracked by Barcelona, whereas Kylian Mbappe is heavily linked to Spanish giants Real Madrid.

However, PSG want to keep one of them back at the club. But who will it be? 

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It’s reported that the French club could sell off Neymar to Barcelona in order to keep Mbappe. Mbappe will of course continue to be linked to Real Madrid, but that’s long term. As for Neymar, Barcelona will most probably be ready to have him immediately. 

PSG is more than willing to keep Mbappe with them and sacrifice Neymar to another club. Furthermore, Barcelona might offer Paris Saint-Germain Antoine Griezmann in order to succesfully convince them to give Neymar back to the Catalan club. 

Last season as well, Neymar was heavily paired with Barcelona and move back seemed possible at that time, but PSG was not willing to give him away then. However, now the tables have turned. 

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