Puyol knows when Barcelona and Messi will part ways

Barcelona legend Carles Puyol has rejected reports that Lionel Messi might leave the Catalan club.

Messi made his debut in a Barcelona team when Puyol was one of the senior players and helped the former Spanish defender lift multiple trophies over his playing career at Barcelona as captain.

The duo share a special relation having both come from the La Masia academy and Puyol acting like an elder brother to Messi in his early days. 

However, of late, Messi has been involved in a public feud with club’s technical sporting director Eric Abidal leading to rumors that Leo might bid adieu to Barcelona.

“Why are we talking about Barcelona without him?” Puyol told Spanish sports newspaper Mundo Deportivo at the Laureus Awards in Berlin.

“He is still at the club, and we should be aiming to win as much as possible with him.”

“He is a player that is 32 now, he takes care of himself, and could play on until he is 38.”

“We knew from the beginning that he is a special player, but he continues to break records.”

It would seem Puyol would know a thing or two about the man he played with for over a decade. So Leo staying then?

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