Quique Setien Convinced He Is Doing A Good Job At Barcelona Despite Sacking Rumours

Quique Setien is pressing for squad improvements as his position is under threat following disappointing results.

Reports emerged yesterday about the Barcelona boss facing the axe as soon as this very soon. He took over from Ernesto Valverde in January and has been in charge of just 13 games.

The under-fire boss said ahead of the La Liga tie against Atletico, “The games against Atlético, which is a great team, are always very difficult. It is normal to expect that they will make things very difficult for us, but the next games will be just as important. Winning now is decisive for us because there are fewer games left and the margin of error is already smaller. We attach great importance to the match, like everyone.”

“We have to improve and that is the only thing we must focus on. Thinking of ourselves until the last day and not of the opponent.”

“Atlético must be attacked as Barcelona has done it many times. They are a terribly solid team, which makes their goals very profitable. It will put us in great difficulties, it is necessary to have great mobility between the lines and to be successful in the short space; controlling their counterattack they are a team with very talented footballers.”

“Pauses during games sometimes come in helpful and others will be better for the rival. In Seville, for example, we could say little because we did things very well and it was only to clarify individual aspects. It is something new and allows us to point things out, but the reality is that we do not usually vary the general approach.”

“If we do not beat Atlético, the chances of winning the title will be reduced. We have to win all our matches and what will happen later we will see.”

“Player discontent? It is true that there are always controversies. It is normal that there are differences. I was not an easy player at the time either. The important thing is to convince all footballers that the idea we must develop is what we are doing. There is good communication with the players, I do not give importance to the possible discrepancies.”

“When the victories do not come, everyone takes the lead. The circus is set up like this. The relationship with the players is good, I do not see any major problem.”

“We have a lot of meetings with the players, but we focus on football issues. The situations are normal, it can change immediately if we get a more relaxed victory and better resolve some situations on the field.”

“Player power? All of us, also footballers, must give in. Not everything we would like can be carried out. This is a team and we must act as a team. We must sacrifice personal things for the benefit of the group. I have no problem recognizing that this is not new for me. It has nothing to do with footballers. It happened to me in Las Palmas and Sevilla.”

“Nothing happened between Messi and Sarabia in Vigo.”

“My future? I feel just as strong as when I arrived. I am doing everything I can to make this go well, win matches and achieve the successes that we all hope for. I am convinced that we are doing a good job, but I know that victories hide many things and defeats… There are moments and moments. You win, you enjoy; you have to feel uncomfortable when you lose.”

“The noise is up to you. I am on the sidelines. I focus on what I should focus on because I already know how all this works. I don’t get worn out on things. The players, I think, do the same thing.”

“Arthur’s situation? I am not aware of what Arthur’s mother says. I have no doubts about his commitment until the last day. He has made a commitment to his colleagues and will dedicate himself fully to achieving his goals. I have no doubts neither me nor his companions. ”

“Arthur’s lineup will depend on the characteristics of the matches. The important thing is that he is willing to play to the end; for me, it is the highlight.”

“Griezmann not starting? We can only play eleven. Sometimes they will play some and other times they will play others. They are all important and all the players have their options, regardless of their hierarchy.”

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