Rakitic has a La Liga Solution: Are you listening Tebas?

Ivan Rakitic has weighed in on Barcelona’s La Liga situation.

The Catalans sit on the top of the table with 10 rounds of fixtures still to go. In a see-saw La Liga season, it could be anybody’s game. 

However, Rakitic has said that he feels should they be unable to complete the season, Barcelona should be awarded the La Liga title!

“We all want to play again and to win the league by playing,” he told Movistar+. “I also understand that if we can’t go back somehow, the season will have to end. If we are at the top then we will have to be the champions, but deadlines must be exhausted. The ideal scenario would be to finish whenever, but always with a well-made plan, especially considering next season too.”

Rakitic also shed light on his personal situation at the club.

“I don’t want to give the feeling of being angry or anything like that. It’s not like that. I’m calm and happy where I am, but of course there are two sides and we want to do things well.”

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