Rivaldo dismisses Bartomeu's claims of bias towards Real Madrid

Barcelona’s problem isn’t VAR, it’s the quality of their football says Barcelona legend Rivaldo.

Rivaldo does not believe that Real Madrid have benefited from an unfair advantage when it comes to referring decisions and offered his view and explained how disappointed he has been with his former club’s play.

“Sometimes you have the right to feel upset about refereeing or VAR decisions, but I don’t agree with Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu’s claims that there is a bias towards Real Madrid,” he wrote for Betfair.

“Bartomeu is simply trying to distract the media from his club’s problems.

“Barcelona are still fighting for the LaLiga title and they’re still in the Champions League, but this is not a good moment for the club.

“Bartomeu is trying to use stuff like VAR to justify himself to the fans and pretend that his club’s difficulties aren’t the fault of himself, the players or the manager.

“In my opinion, Barcelona’s problem isn’t VAR or any refereeing decisions.

“Their main problem is the quality of their football that needs to improve and become again that style of play that everybody loves to see around the world.

“The team was leading LaLiga before the lockdown and now is four points behind Real Madrid, so you can’t say VAR is the main reason for that, especially when the team is not playing well.”


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