Roberto reveals big plan to keep Messi at Barcelona

Sergi Roberto believes there may be a way to keep Lionel Messi at Barcelona beyond this season!

The club legend was on the verge of an exit this summer after having sent in an official transfer request.

However, the Barcelona board, which has been a sham under Bartomeu played further underhanded tricks to keep him.

It may just work out for the players at the club though, who genuinely love and respect Leo the player. One of them is Sergi Roberto!

“I didn’t know anything about that (Messi’s request to leave) and when it came out in the news, I could not believe that he did not want to stay here,” Sergi Roberto said, as per Diario Sport.

“I wish it was not this situation because with Messi we are stronger, and it is great news for us that he is staying for this season.

“I know he has said that he will be staying for next season but if we play well and we win trophies, that might help him change his mind.”

“The player and the club both want what is in their interest, so it is important to reach a compromise whereby everyone can be happy, but that is not easy.

“Messi has been here for two decades and given everything for this club.”

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