Sandro Rossell Believes Barcelona Presidency Sent Him To Jail

Sandro Rossell claims that the Barcelona presidency was the reason behind him going to jail.

He was the club president from July 2010 to January 2014 but was arrested three years later on money laundering charges.

Rossell had to spend 20 months behind bars for accusations of laundering money through the audiovisual rights of 24 Brazil matches and a sponsorship contract with NIKE. He was later acquited of the charges when Spain’s National Court failed to provide the necessary evidence. His 6-year sentence was terminated after being proven innocent in April 2019.

“If I had not been the president of Barca, I would not have gone to jail. Of that I have no doubt,” Rosell told Mundo Deportivo. “Nor do I think anyone would have investigated me as a business, nobody would have spied on me, nor would there have been such an aggressive fiscal prosecution that I still face.

“[There were] 72 inspections from the tax office after I was chosen as elected president of Barcelona. Before being president, [there were] zero financial inspections. Is that a coincidence?”

Current Barcelona president, Josep Maria Bartomeu has also come under pressure after six board members resigned from their posts, blaming him for it. Lionel Messi has been very vocal about the club’s faulty leadership and how they constantly target the players.

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