Sergio Busquets addresses his future in a recent press conference

Sergio Busquets has entered the final year of his Barcelona contract.

The 33-year-old captains both his country and club and remains a key player for both Luis Enrique and Xavi.

There are rumours that the Spaniard could join MLS once his contract expires next summer.

But the veteran midfielder is yet to make a decision on his future and would conclude after the Qatar 2022 later this year.

“I have a contract with Barça for one more season and with the national team I have the World Cup in mind. I’ll see how everything goes from there,” Busquets said.

“But now the important thing is to finish the season well by starting the UEFA Nations League well and regain strength on vacation to come back strong enough to fight for all the goals with Barça and for the World Cup with Spain.

“I try to have a clear head and focus on what I have to have. Age passes for everyone and the schedule is becoming more demanding, but I have a lot of people who help me and take care of me.”


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