Sergio Busquets denies rumours of leaving in January

Sergio Busquets is yet to make his decisions on his Barcelona future.

The Barcelona midfielder will be playing his fourth World Cup and was a part of the winning squad in 2010.

There has been rumours of him leaving Barcelona as early as this January but such has not been discussed.

“I talk a lot with the coach and with the president. I like to feel useful, not be a problem. But that has not been discussed, I did not raise anything in particular,” Busquets said.

“Well, it looks like that. But I don’t think about that, only about the dream that I have, about helping the team,” he said.

“I believe that we can be the solid team of the championships, very difficult to beat.

“At the moment I have this season left. I’m not going to make a decision now or when the World Cup is over, but as I told you in the interview we did before the Euro Cup, it’s getting closer.


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