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Sergio Busquets has been very sluggish this season.

The veteran midfielder has struggled a lot this season and was responsible for Real Madrid’s goal in the recent El Clasico after he lost possession of the ball.

Despite his recent form, Xavi has backed Busquets forcing De Jong to play out of his natural position.

De Jong has managed only two goals and assists this season in all competitions.

Busquets’ presence has hampered De Jong’s development and also the constant change of managers at Barcelona.

Former Barca player Ronald de Boer is not happy with De Jong’s development at the club.

“The constant changes of coaches can affect him [de Jong], as well as the fact that Busquets is still key in the midfield,” de Boer told El Pais.

“Sometimes coaches and clubs hold on to players who had to step down a long time ago. The future in Barcelona is De Jong, Gavi, Pedri, and Nico. With these, they have an amazing midfield.”

“Busquets is holding the whole team. Busquets hinders de Jong’s development,” he added.


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