Napoli president confirms Koulibaly and Milik exit (SS)

It’s surprising that a rival team player has said this.

But it’s true. Ramos badly wants Messi to keep playing for Barcelona – admitting that having the ‘best’ in the La Liga teams made the competition worth it.

“It’s something that we’re not focused on but the player has earned the right to be able to decide on his future,” Ramos said, speaking before the Spain Nations League match which will be against Germany on Thursday.

“Having said that, for the Spanish game and for Barca and for the rest of us, we’d like him to stay as we always want the best around.”

Further, speculation about Ramos leaving Real Madrid has increased – even linking him to Barcelona.

“It’s something that we have yet to address but something that neither I or those at the club are anxious about,” Ramos said about the exit speculation.

“I’ve spent years with Real Madrid and never really contemplated leaving and am confident that we’ll reach a mutually suitable arrangement. My focus is now on preparing for a solid season ahead.”

With Real looking to start another La Liga season, Ramos was further asked about his participation in the Olympics.

“I’m looking at taking things one game at a time and we’ll have to wait and see,” Ramos said.

“This is set to be one of the most complex seasons with games set to be played every three days due to the tight schedule.”

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