Setien: Barcelona do not talk much about Anfield or Rome

A good way to let go of your demons is to talk about it openly and accept them – as it helps you move on.

This is at least what psychology would say. However, at Barcelona it would seem the club is following a new direction of coping. They do not address the issue.

Barca coach Quique Setien has revealed how the club do not bring up the horrible events of Rome or Anfield much – both matches saw Barcelona get knocked out of CL by giving away 3 goal leads from the first leg.

“The reality is that very little has been said about what has happened, although surely everyone has it in mind,” Setien said at his pre-match news conference when asked about Barça’s recent European exits. “Perhaps it is not comparable. Now we are carrying a very good dynamic and the morale is very positive.

The team is in a good moment, like Napoli are. We have had tremendously hard matches in the league and lived through them, so I think the team is fine. I trust we will continue in this dynamic, can maintain the level we have been giving and can keep it going for a long time.”

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