Setien, Messi congratulate Real on title win

Lionel Messi did not hold back from having a go at Barcelona last night after conceding the La Liga title to Real Madrid.

He had a rough go at the players, club and Barcelona’s sinking ambitions. 

Setien, the coach was on the same boat and agreed with Leo. 

“I agree with Messi on some things,” he added. “We have to do self-criticism and if we don’t do it, it will cost us anything we want to do.

“We have tried to improve during these months that we have been here, there are things that have cost us and [overshadowed the] many times that we have done well.

“It all comes down to success, today the opponent shot three times and scored two goals, we had fifteen [shots] and we were not right.”

With the CL set to be held next month, Setien said he is unsure if he can coach Barcelona there. 

He told reporters post-match: “I hope to be the Barcelona coach in the Champions League but I don’t know.”

The club has lost their first La Liga title in three years and will want to correct things right away or risk losing several stars, which might just include Messi. 

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