Setien reveals how it feels to coach Messi

New Barcelona boss Setien has revealed how it feels to coach Lionel Messi.

Widely regarded as the best player ever to grace the game of football, Setien is in awe of the Barcelona captain.

“Everything they say about Messi I agree with because I believe his level of influence in every match is tremendous. He’s got things that no other great player throughout history has. At least the ones that I’ve seen,” confessed Setien.

“He’s tremendously important throughout the match, in every match. He’s a unique footballer. I believe it’s impossible we’ll see another one like him. He does everything well and he makes us better coaches. He gives – and takes away – trophies. He’s amazing.”

And lastly, he spoke about how he felt having Messi to work with: “Now there’s a different perspective. He’s your player and you have to work hard to get the best out of him so he remains happy. You need to explain how important he is, not just for the club but also his teammates. But to be honest, he’s a player you don’t need to say much. When you see him in training you see how incredibly competitive he is. It’s something which is hard to explain but it’s marvellous.”

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