Setien reveals where Messi will finish his career

Will Lionel Messi stay at Barcelona?

Messi himself insisted last October that he will retire at the club. However, the situation since then has worsened quite a lot.

The Barcelona icon got into a number of fights with the club about the sacking of a manager, power play in the dressing room, hatred towards the board, and undercover agencies hired by the club to defame the players. 

It led to Messi growing tired and the final nail on the coffin came when the club accused Leo of refusing to take wage cuts when in fact he was planning a much bigger and more generous donation and support system for the people affected by the CoVID-19.

This has naturally led to talk that Lionel Messi is tired of staying at Barcelona amidst such controversy and wants to end up in a new club this summer.

However, his coach has now reassured fans that Leo is not going anywhere.

“The ideal thing would be to work in a positive atmosphere,” he said. “But I don’t think those things will have an effect on Messi.

”We are sure he is going to continue with us and that he will finish his career at Camp Nou.”

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