Setien Sees Himself As Barcelona Boss Next Season As Well

Quique Setien doesn’t see himself going away from Barcelona next season.

He is confident that the club shall still retain him as the head coach for the next season as well, despite his first season not going so well.

“Of course, I see myself training Barca next season,” he told reporters. “I have already experienced this before.

“The reality is that the expectations one has haven’t been achieved, or not yet, but the work done is what must be valued.

“This is what I understand, or what I would like to see assessed. Of course, I think about next year’s continuity.”

So far, Barcelona’s performance in La Liga isn’t going as well as anyone hoped, linking directly to Setien’s incompetence and making him subject to criticism.

 “I take my share of the responsibility, but not all of it,” he replied to that.

“Making that assessment of finding a culprit always focuses on the coach. I don’t feel that we did things so badly, drawing three games [since the resumption]. More merit should go to Madrid, who have won every game.”

Luis Suarez recently talked about how Barcelona has not much hope left of winning the title this year. However, Setien disagrees with Suarez.

“That is his opinion. It is not yet [over] because anything can happen, but it is difficult,” Setien continued.

“It requires a team that has won every game [since the season resumed] to lose. We have had three draws that make this difference.

“Obviously Madrid have done better because they have won all eight games. It is possible that a circumstance can arise [where Barca can win the title]. We will fight until the end.”


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