Setien Under Fire: 'This Is A Coach Who Is Completely Out Of His Depth'

Barcelona boss Quique Setien has been slammed by former Barca forward Christophe Dugarry.

Setien has been facing criticism in general too, and Dugarry’s words are one of the harshest, who has called him ‘incompetent.

“This is a coach who is completely out of his depth,” the 1998 World Cup winner said. “Setien is very nice, but he’s not at that level. He doesn’t know what changes to make.

“He replaced Sergio Busquets in the 85th minute with Ansu Fati and only put on Antoine Griezmann in the 90th minute. He doesn’t know how to make his team play. He’s completely overwhelmed.”

Antoine Griezmann’s family slashed against Setien on social media, putting him under further stress. 

“I’m sure that he’s got nothing against Griezmann, but it’s just that Setien is incompetent,” Dugarry explained.

“Griezmann was the victim this time, but it could have happened to another player. He doesn’t know how to bring new vibrancy when the team does not find a solution.”

“He’s lost confidence, his performances are not good,” the pundit explained. “It’s true that Lionel Messi could pass to him more, but honestly it doesn’t shock me.

“Griezmann loses balls, he plays it safe. If Griezmann just goes to see Messi, it won’t solve their problems.”#

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