Setien Very Pleased With Suarez Post Mallorca Win:

The return of La Liga saw Barcelona beat Mallorca behind closed doors with a score of 0-4, and Setien was rather pleased, especially with Suarez.

It was a very comfortable win, with both Messi and Suarez back in full-force. Luis Suarez had suffered from a knee injury back in January and the Mallorca game was the first game he played in since then – leaving Setien very happy. Setien spoke in a conference post the match.

“The feelings are good. There are always things that you want to improve, but I am satisfied with the game we have made,” he told reporters.

“We have had an effectiveness…but we were fine with the ball. We have had a break, but I am very satisfied.

“To be the first game without playing, we could be accused of a lack of rhythm, but I think it is a good start to face this sprint that we have 10 games left. I have good feelings in general.”

Setien admits that Barcelona might have been slightly rough around the edges after a long break, but Suarez had been “spectacular”.

“Everything he has done, he has done well. He had quality actions,” he said about Suarez. “Surely we will see how he is improving, but he has been spectacular.”

We hope to see Barcelona win more games, with both legends back in action!

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