Suarez Reveals His And Messi's Close Relationship

Luis Suarez claims that he and Lionel Messi talk about life off the pitch as well.

Ever since Suarez moved to Atlético Madrid, he insists that he and Lionel Messi have maintained close personal contact.

“The truth is that we speak a lot, but honestly we talk about our life,” Suarez told Marca when asked about Messi.

“It was recently the birthday of one of my children, also his. We talked about life, the virus, everything, but very little about football, about the goals we miss or about tactical systems. We worry more about how the family is than about what happens in football.”

Pressed once again on his Barcelona exit, Suarez added: “I was sad and hurt by the way I left – I already said it. But when they close a door, five more open to you where they value my work, professionalism and trajectory. I feel proud.

“Where they did not want me, there was another that wanted me. I found happiness and I’m enjoying this moment now.”

“No, there was a tactical planning or, whatever you want to call it, that sought to make changes. I had to accept it because they didn’t need me,” Suarez said.

“Each person can draw conclusions. I have to live my present at Atleti.”

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