Suarez speaks His future, Messi, Neymar, Martinez

Luis Suarez has spoken out on his future at the club and various other personnel.

“We have to be critical of ourselves,” said Suarez. “We let it escape us. We’re aware that that’s on us and we’re not looking for any excuses.”

“Now, for the pride of Barcelona, we have to win the two games that are left and then focus on the Champions League, which we can fight for. If we play to the level we can, we can take on anyone, but failing in one game can be costly, so we have to be vigilant,” it was added.

“When we have to fight for important things, like the Champions League, we have to do what we did against Villarreal,” Suarez stressed referring to the 4-1 win. 

On Messi, he added – “The decision Leo makes is always going to be made thinking about his family’s benefit. Sometimes we all feel bad because we lose and we are letting a La Liga [title] escape, and there are times when you think about anything. But being his friend, I will always recommend that he is where he feels comfortable and happy, and if he is happy in Barcelona, [then] keep him in Barcelona. If he needs a change, he will know what he needs for himself and for his well-being.”

Suarez also voiced his opinion on Neymar and Martinez.

I think that all great players are always welcome and Ney, everyone knows what kind of player he is – the love that this club has for him. He knows the love that the fans and our teammates have [for him]. It is true that the situation that the world is living in now – not only in soccer – makes it complicated, but nothing is impossible in soccer, because incredible things happen, so that possibility may occur.”

“He is a player who has been performing at a high level in Italy, something that is not easy coming from Argentina,” Suarez said. “If he comes, I am here to help him. He is a young player who also needs to have experienced people at his side. It is not easy to come to Barça and play like [it is] nothing. One must learn different concepts that one is not used to. I am always there to help all the new players, be it a ‘9’, a winger or whatever.”

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