Talks Of Postponing Barcelona Presidential Election Rejected By Laporta

Joan Laporta does not support the decision to push back Barcelona’s presidential appointment.

Due to the lockdown in Spain, a motion have been put in place to postpone the elections until March.

Laporta is in favour of a decision being made on January 24. “The electoral delays harm the possible renewal of Leo (Messi),” Laporta explained in an interview with Catalunya Radio. “The other clubs can see this situation.

“An audit has to be done before making the offer of a renewal, this situation doesn’t benefit Barcelona at all because, I insist, we need him.”

Manchester City’s Eric Garcia was supposed to head over Barcelona this month but the club is willing to wait until the summer.

“My position has not changed, the manager has told us that there is no money either for a transfer or to pay the agent,” Laporta added. “If he wants to come and Barcelona wants to sign him, let’s wait until the end of the season.”

When questioned on the possible delay in elections, Laporta replied, “I was always in favour of doing the vote as soon as possible. Barcelona can’t exist without a president any longer.

“Whatever is done, it must take into account the purity of the process so there are no challenges, but I will abide by the decisions they make, the management board has the authority, not the candidates.”

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