Ter-Stegen vs Oblak Who wins

Who is the best goalkeeper in the world?

Well, we are blessed with certain amazing goalies in the world right now. 

Jan Oblak was recently called the Messi of goalies while Alisson bagged the FIFA’s Best award. 

Jordi Masip, formerly of Barcelona and currently in Real Valladolid has given his vote to Germany international Marc Andre Ter-Stegen.

Masip told Stats Perform: “Well, I’m clearly leaning towards Ter Stegen. For me, he is clearly the best because he encompasses all facets of the game.

“He’s the most complete for my taste. He’s the most complete with the feet and with his game in all areas.

“His performance has been reflected in Barca. He was very young when he arrived and has been progressing. For me, he’s the best right now.”

Masip also spoke about Ter-Stegen’s La Liga competition in Jan Oblak of Atletico Madrid.

“Oblak is also in great shape, he is another great goalkeeper,” Masip said.

“They are two goalkeepers who are in the teams they have to be, they fit perfectly with their respective teams. They’re two great ones. They help all the other goalkeepers to look and improve.”

Speaking of good goalies, Matip also praised the two Brazilians in England: “I also like Alisson and Ederson, the Liverpool and City guys,” Masip said. “They came in young, with a lot of desire, they are good and their performances have been reflected in the results of their teams.”

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  1. They are both good but I go for Ter Stegen. His performances seems to more higher in each single game he play with Barcelon


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