Ter Stegen Wants Messi To Continue Career At Barcelona

Barcelona goalkeeper Marc-Andre Ter Stegen has voiced his wishes for Messi to continue his career at the Catalan club.

Messi was seen wanting a move away from Barcelona this summer transfer window but Barcelona made him stay back for another year. However, come next season, Messi might yet again want a move – but Ter Stegen wants him to stay.

“It’s always an advantage to have Messi on the team because he can score goals out of nowhere – that’s what makes him so special,” the 28-year-old stated in an interview with BarcaTV.

“I hope he continues here and can be happy. You have to give him the opportunity to be above things because he’s an extremely important part of our game.”

However, Messi has been having with Barcelona which might influence his decision to finally stay or leave.

“I’m tired of always being everyone’s problem at the club,” Messi stated to a crush of reporters. “I get here after a 15-hour flight and I find a tax agent here, it’s ridiculous.”

Messi was also accused of making Griezmann’s time at Barcelona hard, which his uncle his uncle Emmanuel Lopes defended him against.

“[Griezmann] was convinced that he wasn’t going to be successful within the first six months, but what I didn’t expect was that it would last an entire year,” Lopes told El Chiringuito. “Besides, with Messi, I know what’s going on inside [the club] – it’s not easy.

“Basically, [Messi] doesn’t work hard enough at Barca and the training sessions are structured in order to please certain people, which is fine if you don’t want to work [as hard].”

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