The Fate Of La Liga - Will It Continue, End or Dissolve For The Season?

There are currently four scenarios that have been established as possible outcomes for La Liga – which will decide its fate.

Outcome 1: La Liga Will Continue In All Its Glory

It’s possible. La Liga can be played normally, and see it’s regular end. The next two matchdays of the league have been postponed. For the next two weeks, this decision will be in order – however, it can be extended as long as needed. However, after all the extensions, one can hope for La Liga to resume as normal.

Outcome 2: This La Liga Season Can Be Dissolved – Declared Null And Void

The current season could be completely dissolved. That means it would be a season played in vain. If the situation continues to get worse rapidly, beyond control, the season will cease to exist and a brand new one will be started the year after.

Outcome 3: La Liga Could Be Brought To An Abrupt End

Bringing La Liga to a sudden halt and ending it at the current table could also be in the cards. The league has completed its 27th matchweek, and it can be ended right here – and we feel that this outcome looks most likely to happen. 

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